Steve Redgrave backs Juice Doctor rehydration product

A soft drink which claims to improve water, vitamin and mineral uptake and battle dehydration is being backed by Olympic gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave.

The Juice Doctor is made from a specially formulated blend of spring water, natural fruit juices, vitamins and rehydrating minerals, and comes in three flavours

The drink, which will come in a 500ml size, is about to be launched into national multiples and will retail at &£1.25 a bottle. Matt Crane, one of the four founders of The Juice Doctor, is a former marketing director of Safeway.

According to Redgrave and nutritionists at Loughborough University who have worked with The Juice Doctor to develop the product, the drinks will rehydrate consumers faster than other drinks – including water.

The drinks will not just be marketed at sportsmen and women but the wider community. A spokeswoman for The Juice Doctor says: “Dehydration is recognised as the number one cause of daytime fatigue, and is associated with numerous everyday health problems such as headaches, joint pain, digestive problems and even serious heart conditions.


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