Steven Day unveils brand plan for Everything Everywhere

Steven Day, currently chief of staff and communications for Orange and soon to become vice president of brands and communications for new telecoms company Everything Everywhere, explains to Marketing Week the vision behind the new parent company.

Everything Everywhere
Everything Everywhere

The new joint venture wants to promote the Orange an T-Mobile UK using the same campaign techniques as they currently use but potentially with the new umbrella branding appearing as part of a tagline in the ads.

“Brands can operate simultaneously, side by side, and appeal to different segments of the market, and will work hard to ensure that the multiple brand strategy works for both these brands. What we may do is use the Everything Everywhere name to support marketing materials on both so consumers know the benefits we have to offer, and what each network can offer them suited to their lifestyle,” he says.

This could see the ad featuring lines such as “bigger and better network offering Everything Everywhere.”

Day adds that the new holding company name also serves as its vision, which it hopes to feature in ads without losing the “fun” that the brands are associated with.

“Everything Everywhere is a promise to transform the industry and give UK consumers the best coverage, devices, service and communications experience possible. We want to share this vision with our company and really highlight the single super-network that will give bigger and better coverage for customers, with a smaller impact on the environment at no additional cost.”

Day says the two brands represent different personalities, with 17-million customer-strong Orange, having a “premium element,” and T-Mobile offering a more “straightforward, value-orientated” proposition to its 13 million subscribers, though he does caution that France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom will still review the brand’s futures in one year’s time and “could switch one brand off”.

The marketing departments for both brands will remain in-house under the Everything Everywhere name, but will be split into brand teams. Full structural details are still being planned, but mobile adverting will be a core part of its plans going forward.

Day says the decision to set up a new parent company name for the joint venture is a “unique” approach to the UK market, “similar to how TUI works in the travel industry or the VW group works with its different manufacturers”.

He adds the company is reviewing everything constantly and is working hard to ensure “that everything goes right and we offer the same sense of straight forwardness, value, flexibility and fun. We’ll work as hard as we can to keep the brands distinguished and avoid as much overlap as we possibly can.”

Work is ongoing in the offices of both networks to get employees used to the new company name and customers will be contacted to inform them of the name change of the parent company. Day says “there won’t be a big bang campaign, but we’ll work hard to ensure that our brand resonates with everyone who wants to associate that.”

Guillaume van Gaver, vice president of marketing, will head marketing for both brands. Mark Duncan will be vice president of sales & loyalty and Andrew Ralston will be chief commercial officer. Lysa Hardy, head of brand and communications at T-Mobile UK, will become vice president of T-Mobile Propositions.



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