Stop The Traffik runs edgy cinema awareness campaign

Lobby group Stop The Traffik is launching an integrated advertising campaign to support a series of hard-hitting films to draw attention to domestic and global human trafficking.

The films aim to make people realise that trafficking is an issue that affects everyone, and is happening right on their doorstep, no matter where they live. The objective is to raise awareness and educate people about human trafficking and drive people them sign up and get information online.

They will be shown on cinema screens nationally from today (12 February) with support from cinema advertiser Pearl & Dean. The ads have both been given a 15 certificate. Leagas Delaney and production company Feel Films have worked on the films.

They will simultaneously appear online with seeding provided by Go Viral! and subsequently be supported by a series of press ads, created again by Leagas Delaney.

The first film, set in a school classroom begins with a teacher taking a register. As he does, two suspicious characters, a man and a woman appear at the back of the room apparently seedily scrutinising the children.

The second is set in a domestic setting and shows a young man being abducted from the family supper table. His ’removal’, by a group of menacing, older men, goes unnoticed as his family continues to eat and converse.

Ruth Dearnley, CEO at Stop The Traffik, says: “To be trafficked is to become the victim of a terrifying, brutal crime. Being bought, sold and exploited for sex or forced labour is not something anyone should ever experience. No one can watch these films and remain oblivious to the fact that countless thousands of young people are condemned to becoming nothing more than someone else’s products for profit. Together we will Start Freedom and Stop The Traffik.”

Chris Harris, managing director at Leagas Delaney, adds: “The Start Freedom campaign is hugely important for Stop The Traffik. It provides educational materials and other interactive resources to help young people all over the world learn more about this critical issue discovering what they can do to raise awareness of trafficking, help prevent it and, in some cases, protect themselves from the risk of being trafficked.”


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