Stopgap for marketers looking for a labour of love

The Diary was obviously misguided in believing that when it comes to love and business, never the twain should meet. For recruitment specialist Stopgap is inviting all those marketing professionals for whom the fruit and vegetable aisle at Tesco, the speed-dating sessions in City bars, and that job ad at M&C Saatchi have proved fruitless, to mingle with other “single” creatives in the vain hope of bagging a new job and a new love interest in one fell swoop.

Richmond-based Stopgap must be a modern-minded recruitment agency indeed, so concerned is it with maintaining a healthy work-life balance for its clients. But it is not so forward-thinking that it will tolerate those with more wrinkles than a medjool date or those whose careers have, shall we say, come to the stage when they are free-rolling downhill. The invite is strictly for marketers in their 20s and 30s, you see.

But if you’re a marketer, designer, PR executive, event organiser, researcher, brand manager or graphic designer and believe that romance and job-hunting are a marriage made in heaven, then The Single Solution sounds just for you. The event takes place on Tuesday May 3 at the Romilly Room, Teatro (formerly SOUK) from 7pm. Tickets cost &£20, from, and any kiss-and-tell stories should be sent directly to the Diary.


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