Straight talking from Poulter Parnters

They don’t mince their words in Yorkshire, so it was good to read some straight-talking from Leeds-based advertising agency Poulter Partners. The company is keen to stress the ‘masculine’ credentials of Mike Reid, new voice of Jeyes’ Bloo Man ad character. His ‘stronger’ voice replaces the ‘softer’ intonation of previous Bloo Man Julian Clary, says the press release announcing the new campaign. Perhaps Poulter feels the pantheon of Bloo ads will benefit from the addition of this heterogeneity.


Rugby Football League signs up Gillette

Marketing Week

The Rugby Football League has signed up Gillette as the title sponsor of the 2004 Rugby League Tri-Nations competition between Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, in a one-year, six figure deal. The Great Britain shirt will also be sponsored by Gillette.


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