Strong sales show TV sets still in the lead

Torin Douglas made a valid comment in his article on television viewing (MW June 29). There is a great deal of talk about viewing TV on PCs, mobile phones etc, but sales of TVs and set-top boxes are booming.

In the past year, over 6.7 million TVs were sold, twice the level of ten years ago, with a value of nearly &£3bn – three times the value of a decade ago. In fact the UK is the largest market in Europe for TVs and is leading the way in the change to flat-screen models. This move to flat screens has been astonishing – two years ago, this sector accounted for about 33% of all expenditure on TVs, but now that figure is 90%.

So, it is fair to say that the TV is still the main focus of viewing in the household. The new, stunning flat-screened versions have reinvigorated the market, giving the consumer a vastly improved viewing experience, and – together with high definition TV – will keep the TV as the main focus for the household. Yes, new ways of watching will emerge, but in the short to medium term they will probably be complementary to – not a substitute for – the “traditional” TV.

John Binks

Commercial director

GfK Retail & Technology

West Byfleet



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