Strongbow readies fresh Grafters push

Strongbow is set to launch the latest stage of its “Bowtime for Grafters” campaign with a new television campaign that shows British workers winning awards for their hard work.

Strongbow Bowtime for Grafters
Strongbow Bowtime for Grafters campaign

The ad, called “Honours”, will air nationally in April and run through the year in 60 40 and 30 second versions.

It features workers from towns and regions across Britain, “from the sofa deliverymen of the M4 corridor, to the pork pie fillers of Melton Mowbray.”

The “grafters” are shown, tired and dirty at the end of the day, entering a grand, pub-themed hall to take part in an extravagant honours ceremony.

Each worker is reminded of the importance of their job and awarded a pint of Strongbow for their efforts.

The “Bowtime for Grafters” campaign, which launched last year, aims to position Strongbow as “the ultimate refreshing reward after a hard days work”.

Lucy Henderson, brand manager at Strongbow says: “The campaign creates an effect that is emotional and humorous and will ensure that the awareness of Strongbow and its hard graft message will be massively increased.”


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