‘Structured content the enabler for growth’

TUI’s general manager of content strategy Ros Mackenzie says the creation of structured content that is designed to be re-used is the “enabler to allow businesses to grow in the future”.


She advised delegates at Econsultancy’s Jump conference in London today (10 October) that content should be created with the knowledge that it will be re-used across multiple devices and for multiple purposes – from marketing to e-learning.

She added: “There is no cost effective way to continually recreate content to get it to fit all the different screens, devices and platforms out there. You should think about content first, content in its own right, not how it will look on a web page or in that gap in the brochure.”

Marketers should create content in “flexible sized chunks” and attach metadata tags to all their images and videos so they can be easily sourced and re-used for different materials and by other departments within the organisation, she advised. Video should also be split into small chunks so that customers can choose to watch a full length video of a hotel or just a short segment about the premium rooms, for example.

Mackenzie said: “Make sure your content is intelligent so it can be found in your CMS and tagged for re-use within the system…it’s easy for us to pull together a feature on beaches in Majorca because it will all be tagged.”

She also emphasised the importance of different departments coming together to create and curate content across the organisation. TUI is currently in the process of creating roundtables made up with employees from different areas of the business to ensure all departments have a voice within the company’s content strategy.



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