Subway launches healthy eating campaign

Subway is launching a healthy eating campaign to promote its low fat sandwiches, as part of its commitment to the Government’s Responsibility Deal.


A TV ad will highlight Subways range of nine healthy sandwiches, all of which contain fewer than 5 grams of fat and under 370 calories.

The ‘Live Fresh, Eat Fresh’ campaign aims to show that fast food can be part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

The sandwich chain claims that the campaign, created by McCann, will help “redefine the notion of fast food” by presenting a healthy way to eat on the move.

Manaaz Akhtar, Subway UK head of marketing, says: “Some people really do enjoy food on the go; for its tastiness, its convenience and its value … The message is clear – it’s time to expect better from fast food.”

Subway agreed in January to include calorie information on its menu boards after initially declining to do so.

Companies are expected to make further calorie reduction commitments this weekend.



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