Summit aims to improve creative skills

Iain Murray made it clear that he does not want the Creative Summit (“Confused world of creativity,” MW July 15). In response, Dan Douglas complained in a letter to your magazine that people will spend five days “disappearing up their own fundamentals” (MW July 29).

It is odd to reflect that a conference similar to the Creative Summit has been in place in the US for many years, with luminaries such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Martin Scorcese participating. Some of the most interesting developments of the American creative sector have emerged from that event.

I cannot believe that we in the UK are afraid to develop our already excellent creative skills and to ask ourselves, “Can we do better and can we apply our skills to new and worthwhile purposes?”

The Creative Summit is held in the North over three days, from September 15 to 18. At least a third of its participants will comprise young up-and-coming talent thanks to a large number of scholarships generously provided by media, design and advertising companies and arts bodies.

I would hereby like to invite both Iain Murray and Dan Douglas to come to the summit as our guests. I am confident they will gain a great deal from attending and I hope they can add to the debate.

David Kingsley


The Creative Summit

Steering Committee


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