Sunday Business to raise ad rates

Sunday Business plans to increase the prices on its ratecard following its first audited circulation of more than 50,000 copies. It is understood that the newspaper is also talking to agencies about a review of its advertising.

DMB&B handles the creative account and The Media Business deals with media buying and planning. In the event of any pitches, it is likely that both would be invited to make presentations.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations is expected to record an ABC figure for the newspaper of 50,151 when the figures are published next week.

Andy Hart, managing director of Sunday Business, who joined the newspaper in October, says: “I am looking at bringing in a new rate card.” The increases are expected to come into force from January.

Sunday Business rolled out a 1m advertising campaign, which included posters and TV, when the newspaper was launched on February 15. The TV ad closed with the strapline “Sunday Business. The first day of the working week.”

In July, the newspaper launched a second poster campaign which poked fun at the “tittle-tattle” of The Sunday Times, as personified by its society columnists Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Taki.


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