Sunday Times places content outside paywall

The Sunday Times has launched a list of the most influential people in social media as a separate site that will sit outside of its paywall.


The Sunday Times Social List, devised with the help of digital agency VCCP, ranks the most active and influential people across Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Twitter.

According to News International head of international digital marketing Jody Vogelaar, the Social List is intended as a “fun and engaging piece of social entertainment” with the hope of reaching new audiences.

“It’s rooted in our editorial content. People are inherently competitive in this space and the content has the potential to be viral. The list matches our traditional list content but gives us the opportunity to reach new audiences. Since launching paid content, social media hasn’t been a barrier,” said Vogelaar.

Vogelaar hasn’t ruled out further content sitting outside the paywall to encourage wider readership of The Sunday Times.

“It’s to be determined. People should pay for content, but we encourage our journalists to be on Twitter. There’s a way to have paid content and participate in social media,” he added.

The list, which will be promoted in the Sunday Times paper and online, will be calculated every morning and results will change as scores are updated, with points given for reach and engagement across social networks.

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