Super Bowl ads 2012

The race is on to have the most popular advertisement in this year’s NFL showpiece.


Super Bowl is THE event for NFL fans and players, and its arguably even bigger for brands around the world. it marks the culmination of months of planning, research, and media spending. Now more than ever, Super Bowl advertisers are letting fans preview the spots online ahead of the game, we’ve picked out some of the more memorable ones we’ve seen so far.

Honda – Matthew Broderick’s Day Off

After a 10 second teaser surface last week that prompted talk of a sequel to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Honda has revealed the film’s titular hero, Matthew Broderick as the star of its latest car commercial.

Disappointed? Don’t be. The new ad sees Matthew Broderick imitating his starring role from the 1986 hit film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as audiences follow the actor as he skips work in favour of life’s more leisurely pursuits.

The car marque tips its hat to the cult classic at several points during its two-and-a-half minute run time, despite swapping the film’s Chicago setting for Los Angeles.

Viewers witness Broderick joining in a street parade. pausing for reflection at a museum and narrowly avoiding the attention of his boss, all the while set to the original song from the film, ‘Oh Yeah’ by band Yello.

Toyota – It’s Reinvented

Absent from the Super Bowl ad scene for three years, Toyota is marking its return this weekend with two 30-second spots that focus on ‘reinvention.’

The brand unveiled an extended version of the spot on its YouTube channel last month and is banking on the reinvention message of its seventh-generation Camry to really resonate with the American public.

It provides a humorous take on potential day-to-day experiences and items that could have been reinvented, such as a blender that plays Lionel Richie songs, curtains made of pizza, and a crime-fighting houseplant.

Chevrolet – Happy Grad

Crowd sourcing ads seems to be all the range for big brands these days. And Cheverolet is no exception. The American car brand decided it would follow in the footsteps PepsiCo and pick the most shared film among a pool of about 40 crowdsourced videos to determine which will run during this weekend’s game. The competition was run in partnership with film community, Mofilm, last year, and awarded the most shared directors up to $10,000.

The winner, Zach Borst – who apparently filmed the entire ad in four hours – decided to show audiences what would happen if a new graduate was given a brand-spanking new Camaro as a present…..except the grad is really getting a new fridge. 

Crowdsourcing is nothing new for Chevrolet. The brand worked with Moflim in 2010 as part of its sponsorship of the Tribeca Film Festival. By encouraging sharing Chevrolet is ensuring it gets maximum exposure online for well under six figures.

Kia Motors – “Mr Sandman”

Kia’s Super Bowl commercial is one of the more ‘out there” spots on this list. But thanks to healthy dose of rock band Motley Crue, MA fighter Chuck Liddell, super model Adriana Lima and a man riding a rhino like a bull, this ad works.

This is in part because the ad presents the motley mash-up as a dream induced by a slightly creepy Sandman-type character.

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx wails over the whole montage, singing, “A hot model, a fast car, a pro fighter, pyrotechnics and rock n roll, What’s not to love” He’s got a point, doesn’t he?

Volkswagen – The Dog Strikes Back

Follow-up efforts are difficult at the best. And trying to re-capture the magic of last year’s ‘The Force’ might seem an almost insurmountable task to most, but Volkswagen have tried to do just that with their new Super Bowl spot.

Remember that teaser with the dogs barking to the Imperial March? Turns out it had very little to do with the German car brand’s latest ad.
The spot follows the exploits of a dog a he trains to the tune of James Brown’s “Get Up Offa That Thing” so that he can one day keep up with the 2012 VW Beetle.

VW’s much anticipated spot doesn’t seem to have much to do with George Lucas ‘Galaxy Far Far Away’ until you get the end. It’s funny but It feels too forced (no pun intended) and nowhere near as funny as the barking dogs teaser. And besides Adidas already did the Star Wars Cantina scene with their cool spot in 2010.

H&M Super Bowl ad

A somewhat surprising player in this year’s Super Bowl ad lineup. Swedish fashion retailer H&M has signed the former Manchester Utd midfield, David Beckham, to front its first ever ‘Big Game’ ad.

Set to the song “Don’t let Me be Misunderstood”, by the Animals, the seductive black and white spot features a nearly naked ‘Golden Balls’ modelling his new David Beckham Bodywear range, which hits stores tomorrow (February 2).

A massive 58% of women admit to watching the super Bowl for the commercials, according to a new survey by Yahoo Sports, and with ads like this being lined up for Super Bowl 46, who can blame them.


Coca-Cola – Polar Bears

The Bears are Back in Town. Coca-Cola has been using polar bears in its ads for years now and the soft drinks company’s spot for Super Bowl 46 is one of its coolest yet. Coke is creating an online living room where the bears will react to the various ads they see between the game in real-time. They will also interact with fans on Twitter and Facebook by getting them upload photos to be incorporated into the live stream. The bears, which have been programmed with hundreds of responses, will be controlled remotely.

Coca-Cola estimates that 60% of the more than 100 million expected viewers will also be integrating with ads via a mobile device or computer.

By capitalising on the growth of second-screen media consumption, the brand is looking to turn this year’s game into a live branding opportunity.