Superdry places emphasis on ‘cross device conversions’

Festival of Marketing 2013: Superdry aims to better attribute its marketing spend by using first-party cookies to track user behaviour across devices as it continues to further align its online and offline strategies. 


Speaking yesterday (9 October) at Jump, part of the Econsultancy and Marketing Week Festival of Marketing, Superdry ecommerce manager Chris Lacey said the retailer was putting mobile at the fore of its efforts to improve conversion rates on its website.

This will involve tracking visits to its eccommerce site from mobile users by dropping cookies on their browsers and then tracking whether they go on to purchase on a different device, such as a desktop or tablet.

During his presentation, Lacey said the emphasis on “cross device conversions” was a major priority for the year ahead, as over half of the visitors to Superdry’s website via search engines were using mobile devices.

Graham Cooke, co-founder of Qubit, a big data analytics company that works with Superdry on its ecommerce site, says the ability to track mobile usage can help retailers track an entire user journey and also establish how their offline marketing efforts influence online behaviour.

He said: “By using first party cookies [and then getting a user to register with the brand] you can join the mobile and desktop experience. This is particularly important as you have [Apple’s] Safari blocking third party cookies.”


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Secret Marketer

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