Supermarket premium own labels criticised

Supermarket premium own-label food ranges have been accused of putting price over real quality.


The chairman of the Guild for Fine Food, Bob Farrand, told the Grocer Magazine that supermarkets are “putting a gloss on mediocrity.”

“In reality, almost all their foods, including super-premium ranges like Finest and Taste the Difference, are designed to hit a price point, not a quality standard,” he says

Farrand championed food brands that are independently judged to be premium over the claims of supermarket top-tier own-label products and urged consumers to do the same.

“There’s only one way to ensure your food is the ‘finest,’ that you’re buying something ‘extra special’ and will ‘taste the difference’ – and that is to buy foods that have been subjected to independent scrutiny,” he said.

In the last year, more consumers have turned to supermarket own brands as a cheaper alternative to brands.

Figures released by this week showed three quarters of shoppers are choosing own brands over branded products.



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