Supermarket sweeps up childrenswear sales

Supermarkets are selling more children’s clothes than speciality childrenswear retailers for the first time, according to Mintel.

The supermarkets make up the biggest proportion of spend (29%) beating all other outlets in the childrenswear market

Childrenswear multiples, such as Mothercare and Adams, have 26.5% of the market and department stores 7%, at best only retaining market share by focusing on the premium end of the market, according to the research.

Spend from mail order purchases (3.5%) has declined sharply in the face of rising online sales, which account for around 12% of childrenswear sales.

Seven in ten consumers purchase children’s clothing at supermarkets alongside their weekly shop.

The research also revealed that since the onset of the recession, 42% of shoppers are more likely to wait for the sales to purchase clothing.

Michelle Strutton, senior fashion analyst at Mintel, says: “There is increasing evidence of polarisation in consumer purchasing habits, with value retailers and supermarkets profiting at the expense of variety stores and sports stores in particular, which do not have the unique selling points of low price or high quality.”


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