Support agency director Tricia as she sets off to cycle around south-east Asia

Getting on your bike to go to work has obvious benefits for the environment and your health. But few people take it to the level that Tricia Weener, managing director of Intelligent Marketing, is planning to.

Later this month she will be heading to Vietnam and Cambodia to take part in a 650km charity bike ride. She is aiming to raise £10,000 for Norwood, a charity that helps families cope with addiction, family breakdown, financial hardship, special education and disability.

To prepare, Tricia is cycling 75 miles every week and, as a practice run, she completed this year’s London to Brighton bike ride in under four hours. In south-east Asia she’ll have to replicate that performance daily for six days, in conditions that would certainly favour spectators rather than the competitors.

If you want to help Tricia achieve her £10,000 goal, you can sponsor her at


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