SurgiCare to push surgical credentials in brand revamp

Cosmetic surgery group SurgiCare is undergoing a major brand overhaul, which it is planning to unveil early next year.

SURGICARESURGICAREThe Manchester-based group, which operates 18 clinics across the UK, has appointed Bolton-based agency Fudge to create a new brand identity, and to work on all brand imagery and marketing materials.

Fudge has worked for SurgiCare in a design-only capacity for two years, but its role will now expand to cover all marketing activity for the surgery brand as it seeks to reposition itself. One of the tasks will be to completely redesign the company’s website.

SurgiCare chief executive Mark Bury says the aim is to broaden the appeal of SurgiCare to all potential patients, and especially to those who visit NHS surgeons privately.

The group offers general surgery procedures, such as operations for varicose veins and hernia repair, as well as a range of cosmetic surgery and treatments.

Bury says the company wants to be seen as a clinically-led brand, rather than being in the beauty sector, as is the case with other cosmetic surgery companies. He hopes the brand overhaul will give SurgiCare a more “grown-up” feel.

The UK’s largest provider of cosmetic surgery is Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group. In May, the company embarked on a major marketing push, led by marketing director Cindy Simmons.


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