Survey reveals need for HD marketing

Marketers need to find new ways of communicating to consumers embedded into a high-definition society, according to new research by data insight specialists Experian.


Using research conducted by the group on over 4000 consumers, Experian found the emergence of the high definition society has created a new type of consumers, known as HD-ready consumers.

Experian’s report claims that brands who don’t create a highly defined picture of their customer risk being ‘switched to standby’, allowing their competitors to capitalise on these environmental changes.

Jim Hodgkins, managing director of Experian’s Marketing Services division in the UK and Ireland, comments: “Appealing to today’s consumers means taking a one-to-one approach to marketing. It is all about developing a deep understanding of people and their preferences and communicating in a way that is far more transparent, engaging and, above all, relevant, in order to build an effective and lasting relationship with them.”

The report also warns that almost 30% of consumers now view advertising unfavourably and consumers have developed an ability to carefully tune in and tune out from the ever-growing wave of marketing and advertising campaigns vying for their attention.

Hodgkins adds: “People are increasingly resistant to a ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing. They will block communications they don’t wish to receive or they perceive to be untargeted and will trawl social networks and review sites to create their own image of a brand and its products or services. Nothing will be taken at face value.”

For more information on the report’s findings, see our Trends article.


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