Survey says UK banks are world leaders

The UK’s banks and building societies are world leaders in financial services marketing, according to a survey by marketing consultants I&B Group.

The analysis – of 33,000 financial products worldwide – found that UK companies are experts in developing successful financial products and communicating with customers.

They also excelled in retail banking, although their European rivals tended to have the edge in the corporate sector.

UK banks and building societies provide the top three current accounts and credit cards in the world. They also lead the way in providing new business accounts, children’s accounts and personal loans.

Barclays was one of the best performers in the survey, ranking as the best provider of current accounts and credit cards. However, Halifax, Nationwide, Lloyds TSB, Co-Operative Bank, Abbey National and Woolwich all appear in the top three for various individual product categories. Woolwich, owned by Barclays, performed particularly well in providing products over the Web.

The survey rated products according to attractiveness, information and loyalty.


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