Suso mag and website to position it as media owner

Suso%20Suso, the start-up drinks company, is planning to position itself as a “media owner, as opposed to buyer”, with the launch of a quarterly lifestyle magazine and beefed-up online presence.

The company is keen to develop original content as part of its marketing drive. It says it has already secureda distribution partner forthe magazine, but declines to give details.

It is hoping to launch the magazine by the end of May or beginning of June. The drinks company is still considering whether to follow a free model or charge a cover price for the magazine.

The company, which launched a carbonated juice brand earlier this year, will also beef up its website, which is currently a blog site. It will feature some content from the magazine, as well as original content.

The site will be used to showcase one-off projects, with Suso commissioning works, such as new music and art exhibitions.

A Suso spokesman says: “We will own or co-own the rights to the content. We would love to eventually be in a position to exchange content with other media companies, for example to bring an artist to a wider audience.”

Suso says it is working with a number of “creative partners” to execute its communications strategy, but will only confirm that it will continue its relationship with Naked.

The spokesman adds: “We will, of course, then be delivering some tactical marketing campaigns to bring attention to our content.”


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