Suso Project seeks creative ideas

Suso, the carbonated drinks brand, has launched a campaign to find new creative ideas it is willing to fund. The initiative, called The Suso Project, will see it provide grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 to help fund the best ideas.

As part of the campaign, Suso has created a website, (pictured), to showcase all the entries. Submissions will be accepted until January 21.

Ideas submitted so far include an interactive music album, a website called, which can be used as a networking and motivational tool for people who enjoy sports, and a place which sells vintage clothing and provides an accompanying story of their history.

The campaign has been created by the drinks company’s agency Erasmus.

Ross Cairns, Erasmus creative director, says: “We believe that imagination, creativity and determination are powerful resources when you put them together and we wanted to put this to the test; to find new platforms to bring people together, people with talent, ideas and drive to clash heads and create ideas.”


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