Swarovski targets teens with new brand

Luxury crystal brand Swarovski is introducing Lola&Grace, an affordable fashion jewellery brand, in a bid to target teenagers.


Swarovski says the “trend-led” jewellery brand will “make a huge impact” on the UK high street.

It will have its own standalone stores, the first of which will open in London’s Westfield Stratford City mall in March, and a dedicated ecommerce site.

Jewellery will range from £10 to £60 for cut-crystal and pearl rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles – significantly below the core Swarovski brand range which can reach £1,000 for a cut crystal necklace.

Lola&Grace will produce four seasonal collections that Nina Müller, general manager of the brand, says “combine the latest catwalk trends with a blend of cultural influences … and marries contemporary and vintage design for all occasions.”

The core Swarovski brand range includes jewellery, accessories, fashion and miniature cut-crystal figurines.

The brand has also previously partnered with electronics company Philips to produce a range of crystal encrusted USB memory sticks, headphones and Bluetooth earpieces.

It operates more than 1000 boutiques around the globe.



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