in Tiscali motor sponsorship, the online insurer, is launching an customer acquisition drive with sponsorship of’s motoring portal. The deal will run until the end of February. will promote its car insurance policies and £50 cash back offer through fixed sponsorship of the motoring channel, Tiscali homepage takeovers and regular newsletter features.

Tina Shortle, marketing director at says: “The key to our strategy is communicating our offer to online purchasers.” launched in July 2005.




Supermarket Sweep returns with backing from Feasters

Marketing Week

Feasters, the Eatwell range of microwaveable sandwiches and burgers, has secured a £2m sponsorship deal with ITV for its game show Supermarket Sweep. The sponsorship deal will run for the duration of the 60 show series with the first episode of the game show, hosted by Dale Winton, scheduled to air on ITV1 on February […]

Assessing the French Connection Brand

Marketing Week

Each week in association with retail and marketing consultancy Pragma, looks at a high-profile UK brand, assessing its performance against a range of criteria and offering suggestions to improve its overall score. Marks for each section are given out of five stars, while the overall rating is given at the end of the review.

Bernard Matthews’ consumer trust plummets

Marketing Week

Bernard Matthews is facing a greater consumer backlash over its handling of the bird flu outbreak than the outcry that followed criticism of its Turkey Twizzler products being included on schools’ menus last year. Figures from YouGov show that confidence in the brand has plummeted even lower than when criticism of Turkey Twizzlers was at […]


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