Swine flu poses data security threat


Business continuity plans to deal with the impact of swine flu in the winter could open up data security vulnerabilities. Remote working through standard virtual private network software can be a threat to security according to and expert.

The threat of pandemic will see many businesses offering remote working. Total shut down in an economic crisis is not viable and companies will see remote working as the answer to keeping business afloat, but many will opt for standard solutions without realising the security risks many of these packages pose.

“The problem with standard VPN solutions lies in the actual transfer of data for remote working. This transfer opens up sensitive information to corruption and viruses,” says Phil Bullivant, director of global accessibility and collaboration solutions producer, ISEEU Global.

“With most standard VPN software, data is moved and cached onto the end user’s device. As over half of all business data is stored on laptops and other devices in homes, office sites and in transit, the threat of loss, theft or corruption is a concern to businesses, both in public and private sectors,” he says.


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