Swiss company in talks over Silverjet

A Swiss investment company is understood to have made an offer for business-class only airline Sliverjet. Kingplace, run by Swiss management company Heritage, is thought to have made an offer on behalf of private clients.

It is understood that if the deal goes ahead the new owners plan to relaunch the struggling airline, which went into administration last month due to financial problems.

Silverjet suspended all flights at the end of May after it failed to secure £12.7m of new funding. A week earlier, shares in the company were suspended after Viceroy Holdings, a United Arab Emirates-based investment fund, decided not to invest £5m in the company.

The business-class only airline sector is struggling with rivals Maxjet and Eos going out of business in recent months.

At the beginning of May, Silverjet sales and marketing director Katherine Gershon left the company without a job to go to. She was replaced by Tamarah Khatib, who took over as head of marketing.


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