Switch-on bad trip as glitches zap Zip

The Diary has enough trouble trying to get a Web browser running smoothly, so it was gratifying to hear news of the launch of Zip Television, a virtual advertisement-only channel.

As the channel will be using BT technology, it made sense to hold the hi-tech launch party at the BT Tower, from where Zip will be broadcast. And at the heart of the UK’s communications network, what could go wrong?

Well, plenty, actually. Things began to look bad when the broadband terminals laid on for visitors decided not to work. Not to worry, though: the BT internet to Palm Pilot system was on hand to save the day. Except the gremlins had found their way in there, too. Then at the press conference, BT demonstrated how an ad could be sent to a mobile phone – causing screeching feedback to come through the speakers.

While there are no doubt red faces at both Zip and BT, the Diary can’t help admiring the technicians’ foresight – with all communication channels comprehensively trashed, it’ll be impossible to tell them they’re sacked.


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