T-Mobile taking over clubs to promote U-Fix price plan

T-Mobile is taking over 300 nightclubs and bars around the country to promote its new U-Fix pricing plan.

The four-week campaign, which breaks this week, will target 18- to 24-year-olds in Luminar venues throughout the UK. In conjunction with Admedia, MediaCom and Posterscope, T-Mobile will take over bars and clubs with promotional and branding activities, scratchcards, shot glasses, door stickers and talking panels and posters in the toilets.

Posters in the women’s toilets will read: ‘At 11.15 tonight he’s going to tell you you’re the girl he’s going to marry. (Tomorrow he’ll go home to his wife.) If only life was as predictable as U-Fix – monthly bills fixed by you.’ The U-Fix price plan is a first for the UK mobile industry because it is a mix of pre-pay and contract tariffs.



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