Tablets can stand alone

I am amazed that the tablet is constantly referred to as the digital equivalent of the magazine (Magazines see a future in tablets but need the data, MW 24 February). The media they present has, or should have, more in common with websites and social media than print. Not only can tablet content be richer, interactive and joined-up but it can be personalised, socialised, geo-located and, it can follow non-traditional publishing schedules.

Much can be learned from social media. One of the reasons for its popularity is the random nature in which visitors are rewarded with content and connections. It is a case of reinforcement theory in action, first identified by psychologists in the 1940’s. Variable rewards at variable intervals mean that visitors come back regularly and randomly.

The biggest obstacle to overcome is the magazine paradigm itself.

Jim Boulton
Deputy UK managing director
Story Worldwide



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