Tackling the digital media skills shortage

Much of the training in digital media skills (MW 1 December) does lag behind the adoption curve. This will always be the case with traditional courses because the digital marketing landscape is changing so quickly. To keep pace with this change we recommend marketing departments run at least a six-monthly skills review.

The importance of understanding digital is also constantly changing, and marketers must realise that digital extends beyond SEO, PPC and social media. Radio, TV and newspapers are all digital media these days and they are still where the numbers are, so brands need to know how to make the most of opportunities in this space. No traditional training course is going to give you full up-to-the-minute knowledge like this, so brand owners need to be investing long-term in bespoke training to supplement a team’s knowledge.

With digital, brands have three choices: employ someone who’s done it somewhere else; employ an agency that’s done it somewhere else; or update their own people on how to do it. The third option is the most efficient and logical route. In tough times, the training budget is often the first to go, but by restricting digital training, brands are just going to see themselves being left behind.

Pete Davis
Managing director



Morrisons launches New Year price promos

Rosie Baker

The supermarket price war is continuing unabated in the New Year as Morrisons unveils a host of new promotions targeting shoppers who have over-stretched their budgets over Christmas and usually have no money left at the end of the month.