Data Opinions 2015

The evolution of data – from science to art

It is time to go beyond the data scientist and look to data artists to use their creative flair to solve business problems, provide analysis at a strategic level and make sure the right solutions are being implemented, says DataXu’s Bill Simmons.

Good data comes in small packages

Connecting big data is the best way for marketers to extract maximum value, says Media iQ’s Stewart Easterbrook. If marketers cannot access data in small, insightful packages, they are likely to face big data paralysis.

Five steps to data-driven success

Consumers are accessing content across multiple devices at the same time and that means channel-based marketing is no longer as effective as it used to be. Turn’s Helen Miall says brands need to incorporate a data-driven approach to audience-based marketing to reach customers.

Women in data: damsels in distress?

The explosion of digital has brought changes in the marketing world, including creating roles for people with technical data skills. But in a male-dominated sector, how can women be heard and valued? TMW Unlimited’s Anna Foster shares her thoughts on how to overcome the challenges.

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