Data Strategy Awards

Data Strategy Awards 2014: The Shortlist


This year the Marketing Week Data Strategy Awards have been overhauled with new categories to reflect the swiftly changing way marketers are using data to power business strategies, step-changing projects and effective customer campaigns.

Data needs demystifying


Data is not a single, invisible entity we need to chase, but a many-headed beast that marketers encounter every day. That’s why, at Marketing Week’s Data Strategy Awards in 2014, we’ve decided to divide the categories in a way that recognises the multifaceted uses to which data is put.

It’s time to reap the reward of your data-driven achievements

Branwell Johnson

Every marketer must by now acknowledge the value of data and how mining the myriad new digital customer touchpoints for insight can help deliver a vital competitive edge to a business. The “data is the new oil” mantra must surely have seeped into the bedrock of strategic thinking and no longer need repetition.

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