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The Secret Marketer bids us farewell

Three years ago, the associate editor of Marketing Week cast me in the role of The Secret Marketer. One hundred and fifty rants, or should that be columns, later and it is time for me to take my leave. Work pressures dictate I step aside. It has been a blast and I shall miss my […]

Why bonus culture is bad for RBS brand


What are we to make of the current debate on bonuses? I ask because in my interactions with marketers over the past week I have been surprised at how the topic has split our profession right down the middle. As many marketers appear comfortable with Stephen Hester receiving a bonus of almost £1m from The […]

Honourable marketing makes business sense

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Marketing needs to be a “noble” profession, claims Marc Mathieu, senior vice-president of marketing at Unilever. He warns that the profession has become about “selling for selling’s sake” and that it needs to move beyond a pure commercial stance to promote products that “create progress and improve lives.” Mathieu’s declaration is a brave stand given […]

Facebook still faces marketing challenges despite its lofty valuation


Brands have been key to Facebook’s financial success since it launched in Mark Zuckerberg’s student digs eight years ago, with advertising now accounting for 85% of all the social network’s revenue. But despite Facebook courting the presence of every major Western brand, it still has some uphill marketing challenges to face in order to please […]

Browett’s move to Apple says good things about his work at Dixons


Apple has drawn some criticism for appointing Dixons’ current CEO John Browett as its director of retail, but more than anything, the move is a testament to the work Browett has done at the struggling electricals chain. Apple, which has notoriously high standards and impeccable taste would not be risking the high esteem in which […]

Why the customer is your key to leadership

Ruth Mortimer

Anyone can be a leader, argues Professor Richard Jolly of London Business School. It doesn’t have to be the chief executive; it can be anyone who takes a position of authority within an organisation and leverages that for success. The opportunity is ripe for marketers. “Management equals control but leadership equals persuasion,” explained Jolly when he […]

The Secret Marketer: Are retailers ready for foreign visitors?

After reading the continued bulletins of doom and gloom in the national media, I decided to take a couple of days out of the office this week to form my own view as to future trading prospects. I was pleased to see a reassuring number of consumers out and about spending, but intrigued by where […]

Will plans for strict data law make for better marketers?

Marketers have attacked plans for new rules which may force them to gain more explicit consent from people to use their data for campaigns. But could tighter regulation mean that messages are better targeted and therefore more effective? The European Commission proposes that companies will have to tell consumers ‘clearly, understandably and transparently’ how their […]

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