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Mark Ritson: Why Stella and cider is not a good mix

Mark Ritson

Stella Artois is about to launch a cider. Last week the brand’s senior management team announced that British drinkers would get their first look at Stella Cidre in April. File it next to Levi’s suits, Pond’s toothpaste, Harley-Davidson cake decorations and Aston Martin’s economy car. It’s going to be a clunker.

Aston Martin Cygnet city car

Mark Ritson: Aston Martin’s cygnet will prove an ugly duckling

Mark Ritson

To Regent Street in London, where I spent a fascinating 20 minutes in the Ferrari store on Saturday. It’s one of more than 30 stores and you can buy anything inside as long as it’s red and/ or features a prancing horse plastered across it. You name it, Ferrari has a version of it: mobile phones, moccasins, a laptop, skis, bathrobes, paperweights, bikes, hats, gamepad controllers and golf towels. It has got the lot.

Mark Ritson: Gullwings land Mercedes in lap of luxury

Mark Ritson

I was busted last week. The missus caught me, bang to rights, checking out the most gorgeous figure I’d ever laid eyes on. She had a stunning profile and the kind of derriere that makes men go weak at the knees. She was German, of course – it was unmistakably part of her feline assurance as she passed me.


Mark Ritson: Dial ‘m’ for murder of the mobile brands

Mark Ritson

Study a good bit of market research and it provides a veritable MBA in brand strategy. Last week, for example, uSwitch published the results from its May survey of 6,721 mobile phone users in the UK. The data presents some fascinating insights into the nature of brand extension and the dangers of supplying private label.

Mark Ritson: Why Ford’s focus is best in the business

Mark Ritson

Alan Mulally turns 65 this week. You might not know the name, but you surely know the company he leads. Mulally is the CEO of Ford. That might sound a pretty unpleasant role with all the challenges of declining sales, government bail-outs and union action. But Ford is different. And it’s different because of Alan Mulally.