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Mark Ritson: Only integration can wrestle us from our social media obsession

Mark Ritson

Ok, I have to be honest. I had never heard of R3. Apparently in its day job R3 helps companies maximise their agency reviews, remunerations and relationships – hence the name. I have no idea if it is any good at any of those tasks, but it surely has done every marketer a favour with its new report on marketing communications published this week.

Mark Ritson: Advent of the Christmas campaign blitz

Mark Ritson

We’ve never had anything like Superbowl advertising in this country. In the US, the four-hour finale of the American football season is as much about watching the ads as the contest itself. Every American brand aspires to be part of the biggest annual event in marketing.

Mark Ritson: Why marketers are socially stupid

Mark Ritson

You’d have thought social media departments would have learned their lesson by now. Whenever you run a Twitter campaign that asks consumers to complete the sentence “I love Brand X because…”, all it usually achieves is an avalanche of eager piss-taking from bored consumers keen to offer their mates a giggle and give marketers the kicking that they are deemed to deserve.