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Mark Ritson: Marketers, take off the beer goggles and get real

Mark Ritson

Of all the academic research published, the most intriguing and entertaining has always been by public health researchers on driving impairment. Since the 1950s, researchers have paid undergraduate ‘subjects’ (who will do almost anything for free booze) to drive round a test circuit, drink three large glasses of wine and then redo the task. A generation of students have confirmed the finding that when people are slightly drunk they don’t drive very well.

Mark Ritson: Why I would recommend NPS to my friends

Mark Ritson

Read our feature on how to get the most out of NPS   Lego Club placed an ad for a marketer in last week’s Marketing Week. Keen to demonstrate just how savvy and ambitious its marketing department is, Lego revealed that it was aiming for 5 million club members by 2015 and a net promoter […]