Too posh to push direct?


Luxury brands have traditionally steered clear of direct marketing in a belief that it is for the mainstream only. Butsome are giving it a try – to splendid results. Premium and luxury brands are often accused of keeping consumers at arm’s length, with marketing focused on glossy print ads in high-end magazines promoting a glamorous […]

All marketers should act like direct marketers


Earlier this year, it was written in this very electronic missive that all marketing is now direct marketing – a position that prompted considerable debate among you, the good readers of Marketing Week. It could be argued then, using this premise, that the winner of the Marketing Week Engage Award for best DM campaign is […]

Are you shopping comfortably?


A fancy web offering is no use if customers drop out before they check out. Getting the online journey right is crucial, and new web analytics are helping brands do just that.

Pick’n’mix or one-stop-shop?


The process of selecting an agency has become much more complex since the rise of digital, with its demand for new and niche skills, and there are pros and cons to sticking with the lead agency model or spreading your roster among a group of specialists.

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