Take courage in convictions

I fully support the comment by Grahame Lake in your report on customer magazines (MW June 13). Companies should examine why they choose to publish. Are they in the publishing business in to make a profit from advertising revenues, or are they seeking to promote sales of their core products and services?

If a magazine is done properly, sales growth will more than justify the production costs of the magazine. Working exclusively with clients in the high-technology sector, we see customer magazines as a valuable component of “conviction marketing”.

Following the telecommunications and dot-com fiascos, the technology market is dominated by disbelievers. You can still attract attention. You can still get interest. There is still a desire for technology, but with budgets constrained and previous bad experiences, it is hard to get companies to make purchasing decisions unless you can convince them that they will receive positive value.

It is no longer enough just to tell people about new products and services. Companies have to prove value through in-depth market analysis, positive customer experiences and independent endorsements. These are all constituents of conviction marketing, which should be embedded in well-balanced customer magazines.

Richard Arkle

Managing director

Oast Communications



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