Take personal approach to print and online integration

While I agree that integrating print and digital media is key to DM success (MW 11 August), so too is the way that you approach that integration.

You can take a print catalogue and place it on the web, but who’s going to be wowed by a PDF?

To get the best results from digital media, brands must consider how people will interact with content differently and how that experience can be made to feel more personal.

This is especially true for tablet devices because the experience can be more immersive than on a desktop PC, which makes it easier for brands to engage consumers on a personal level with interactive, tailored content.

The same is true for print media. You can create a DM mailer, send it to thousands of customers and some will make a purchase. But if you
adopt a more targeted approach and develop personalised content you’ll get far greater response rates.

By investing in a regular stream of quality content that runs across multiple channels, brands can significantly increase their reach without losing the personal touch, which will ultimately generate a better ROI.

Paul Fifield
CEO, Ceros


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