Take to the clouds for information

As your article, “Picking out the prickles” (August 2009), correctly points out, businesses are making critical decisions based on inaccurate information from unreliable spreadsheets. So why are so many businesses still held back by the very software that was supposed to make their work easier?

By modernising software and hosting it centrally, organisations will find they are able to do things they couldn’t before, such as access all of their files and data remotely, using whatever device is at their disposal. Through a web-browser, businesses will benefit from affordable, customised applications.

Applications will be more flexible and dynamic too, enabling even the most IT-illiterate user to search authorised records or generate easily-digestible reports on the fly. By ditching complicated, heavy software for light, user-friendly cloud-based applications, business owners can watch their business requirements come back down to earth as their employee productivity sky-rockets.

Stuart Johnston, Managing director, Experian QAS


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