Talkcast seeks agency for launch

Talkcast, the digital information venture being launched by former marketing director of The Sun Ellis Watson, is seeking an advertising agency to handle business worth up to £15m.

Watson says an above-the-line agency will be selected for a major branding campaign for the launch in about two weeks’ time.

Talkcast will offer a digital messaging and news information service tailored to individual consumers. It will be available through any digitally linked hardware, including digital televisions, mobile telephones and personal computers.

It is forming strategic partnerships with a number of companies, which could include media owners to provide content, and telecoms, cable and computer outfits to carry the service.

Watson, who led the launch of News International’s, is one of a number of high-profile executives who have helped raise £20m in venture capital to support the launch.

Watson shares the chief executive role with Mark Opzoomer, who helped set up Sega Europe.

Sega Europe chief executive Frank Herman will be chairman; Ginger Productions chief executive and Virgin Radio DJ John Revell will be entertainment director; Toby Constantine, former marketing director of Times Newspapers, will be content director; and Roy Bliss, former managing director of Demon Internet, will be director of operations.


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