Talking your kind of language?

Ah, Rolls-Royce, that emblem of British engineering and dignity. Although it’s owned by BMW these days, RR is still seen as a British company – it’s just built a state-of-the-art factory at Goodwood, one of England’s most English places. But there is one hitch, and it’s entitled “Friedrich Fruth mit neuer Aufgabe in der BMW Zentrale”.

Yes, the company may be building British cars in Britain, but its public affairs general manager – the aforementioned Fruth – will be damned if he’s sending out English press releases. Perhaps luckily for all concerned, “Friedrich Fruth mit neuer Aufgabe in der BMW Zentrale” means that he’s returning to the parent company. Perhaps it’s for the best. As they say in Germany: “Zurück in die Heimat.”



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