TalkTalk plan offers credit crunch relief

TalkTalk is launching a phone and broadband package to help consumers caught out by the credit crunch.

The company is introducing a new six-month package, known as the “Emergency Plan”, which waives the 6.49 monthly charge for internet and phone access.

TalkTalk chief executive Charles Dunstone says: “We want to help our customers as much as we can, as we know many face financial difficulties this year. If they are worried about their household finances or their ability to pay for whatever reason, we encourage them to call us.”

The Emergency Plan will offer 512kbps speed, with a 1Gb download limit, inclusive UK weekend calls and anytime calls to other TalkTalk customers. Premium, international and mobile calls will be barred to help customers limit expenditure.

The package will be available to all customers who have been with TalkTalk for six months or more, and can be obtained by calling TalkTalk customer services.

The company says each customer’s eligibility will be judged on a case-by-case basis, though customers who have already been in debt to TalkTalk for more than 50 days will not be considered for inclusion until they have cleared their arrears.

Dunstone says: “If you’re anticipating hardship, perhaps as part of a job loss,your home phone and broadband service have never been more important in helping you get back on your feet. We hope our Emergency Plan will keep people connected, and give them the opportunity to apply for jobs and learn new skills.”

Once customers have been on the emergency plan for six months they will automatically move back to the standard TalkTalk package.


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