Tap grad potential

It is hardly surprising that the economic climate will cause a struggle for graduates to find jobs, forcing them to consider fields to work in that were not necessarily their first choice (MW 26 August). Also, with more candidates applying for fewer jobs it’s a given that competition for places is high.

New talent: A lifeforce for firms

Through our own creative graduate recruitment programme we have seen that graduates are expecting a 20% salary increase compared to the class of 2000 which falls well below inflation trends.

Working in an environment focused around creativity and great ideas, it makes no sense whatsoever for agencies not to invest in talent for the future and exceed their salary expectations. There has never been such an influx of experienced grads, many of whom have masters’ degrees. It takes five years for a graduate to become an account manager, and agencies will be faced with a dearth of creative talent at a senior level if they don’t continue to recruit and nurture employees at entry level.

The quality is there and it’s crucial to the future of creative agencies to tap into this.

Richard Hammond
International Client Services
Director, GyroHSR


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