Target launches voice-activated coupon, Tinder tests video feature: International round-up

Plus how Brazil’s Salvation Army is using political humour to generate donations and Tesco attempts to promote sustainability in Malaysia.

Tinder tests out a short video feature

Dating app Tinder has unveiled a new video feature called ‘Tinder Loops’ that allows users to upload two-second videos alongside photos.

The company says the gif-like videos will first be tested on the platform in Canada and Sweden to see how users respond to loops before potentially rolling it out across other markets. Tinder says the two-second videos should help highlight users’ personalities, meaning they are more likely to be ‘right-swiped’.

Chief product officer at Tinder Brian Norgard says: “With the addition of video, users have a new way to express themselves while also gaining key insights into the lives of potential matches. Whether it’s dancing at a concert, doing cartwheels on the beach, or clinking glasses with friends, Loops makes profiles come alive.”

He adds the company believes Tinder Loops will lead to even more matches and conversations.

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Brazil’s Salvation Army uses political humour to draw donations

The Salvation Army in Brazil has launched a new campaign that aims to use political humour to drive donations.

Rather than the usual emotional, heart-tugging approach, the campaign titled ‘Unwanted Gifts’ uses colourful and exaggerated illustrations of international politicians, such as Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, alongside the tagline “it may not be perfect for you, but it’s perfect for us”.

As part of the campaign, print ads feature a Donald Trump figure receiving a Mexican hat and Kim Jong-Un receiving an “I Love NY” t-shirt. An accompanying video ad takes a different approach and features a family in a plaid environment exchanging plaid gifts, but the daughter receives a shocking, polka-dot shirt – perfect for a donation to the Salvation Army.

The campaign was produced by Brazilian agency WMcCann.

Tesco attempts to promote sustainability in Malaysia

Tesco is rewarding sustainable shoppers with discounts in a bid to improve Malaysian consumers’ relationships with the environment.

As part of the move, the supermarket giant has launched a recyclable shopping bag called ‘The Unforgettable Bag’ that contains a barcode that, when scanned, it gives shoppers a 20 cent discount.

And the bags don’t just feature a regular barcode, but instead barcodes are designed to represent endangered animals including a pilot whale and a leatherback turtle.

The bags were created by Grey Malaysia, while Tesco covered media and production costs.

Malaysia is often under fire for its poor environmental credentials having been blamed for a large amount of plastic making its way into the ocean.

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Target and Google trial voice-activated coupon

Target has joined forces with Google to launch a voice-activated coupon using Google Assistant. Consumers can activate the offer via Google Assistant to get $15 off their next Target order on Google Express – the company’s shopping delivery service.

It is understood shoppers simply need to say or type “spring into Target” on their Google Assistant app through a device that has built in voice-based features.

A Google spokesperson says: “Google Express customers can complete purchases hands-free through the Google Assistant, and to raise awareness for this feature, we were running a pilot with Target to help educate customers about this capability”.

The promotion was initially expected to run until 21 April, however no new codes were being issued after 3 April. It’s not yet known why the promotion was cut short.

“I can see how this benefits Google, but it’s harder to see how it benefits Target, as they have to advertise the fact of the promotion on other channels,” Pete Meyers, a data scientist at Moz, says.

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New LGBTQI wedding magazine launches in Australia

More than 3,000 copies of a new wedding magazine designed for Australia’s LGBTQI community have arrived and are available across more than 920 newsagents.

Founded by Nivelo Miller, the biannual publication titled Equally Wed is run by an online wedding directory by the same name.

Miller says she decided to launch a wedding magazine for the LGBTQI community while she was browsing a news agency and noticed there were no options for this particular group. The magazine is said to also discuss legal rights and health and psychology issues relating to marriage and wedding planning.

“In terms of the health and psychology, there’s a lot of stress when you are preparing for your wedding day but if you can imagine being a transgender person for instance, preparing for a wedding day, there’s a lot more on your mind,” she says.

She added areas such as pressures from family, vendors and managing expectations will all be addressed.

According to reports, the first issue of the magazine features 20 pages of wedding planning, one engagement, three weddings and a photoshoot. The launch comes just months after the Australian government legalised same-sex marriage.

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