Tata to launch Nano in UK

Tata Motors has announced it is to launch its Nano range in Europe, including the UK.

The car manufacturer, also parent company of Jaguar-Land Rover, announced plans to release the small low-cost vehicle into European markets at the Geneva Motor Show earlier today (March 3). It will be branded the Tata Nano Europa.

Ratan N. Tata, chairman of Tata Motors, said: “In India, the Nano will be launched on March 23, and the cars will be on display at company dealerships from the first week of April. The Nano has also generated wide interest in developed countries, since its unveiling in Delhi and its presentation here last year. We are delighted to present the Nano Europa for future launch in such markets.”

The Nano was unveiled at the 2008 Delhi auto show and should have gone on sale in October 2008, but violent protests forced Tata Motors to stop work on the main plant in West Bengal state. The main factory is now in Gujarat state.

Production of the Nano will begin at one of Tata’s existing factories as the Gujarat facility won’t be ready until the end of the year. Initial production will be around 3000 units a month because of the temporary production lines at the current factories.

In India, Tata will begin taking orders by the second week of April. Tata is marketing Nano as the world’s cheapest car when it goes on sale with a starting price of under $2000 (£1,423). It is not yet clear what the timetable is for launch of the Nano Europa.


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