TBWA wins health drink launch task

Nutrinnovator, the specialist in healthy food and drink products, has given TBWA/London the task of launching its new wellbeing drink, Sirco.

The drink is likely to be positioned against Coca-Cola brands, as the drinks’ giant is looking to develop a line of products containing anti-cholesterol plant extracts, which could include a Minute Maid variant.

Nutrinnovator plans to launch Sirco in September in 250 ml bottles priced at 99p. Two flavours are planned: orange & mango and blueberry & apple.

Sirco is based on a tomato extract and will be promoted as a health drink that is good for the heart with cholesterol-lowering properties. It contains a product called Cardioflow developed by food company Provexis and nutritional research centre the Rowett Institute.

Nutrinnovator debuted in the UK with the launch of its savoury Altu snack bar and is now negotiating a reverse takeover of Provexis.

TBWA/London was appointed to work on the Altu bar last April (MW April 8, 2004). However, sales of the Altu bar have not met targets and Nutrinnovator is pinning its hopes for growth on Sirco.


ITV requests longer commercial breaks

Marketing Week

ITV is in negotiations with Ofcom to obtain permission to lengthen commercial breaks from an average of seven minutes to nine. Current rules allow a daily average of up to seven minutes an hour, with a maximum of 12 minutes in any one hour.


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