TBWA/London’s new ad campaign for Flake brand

TBWA/London has created a television campaign for Cadbury Trebor Bassett’s (CTB) Flake brand, continuing the 43-year-old advertising theme of the ‘Flake girl’.

The ad breaks on Friday (June 21) and is set in a laboratory where the Flake girl is at work. After her colleagues leave for the evening, she slips into the lab’s zero-gravity pod to enjoy the chocolate bar in the weightless environment. To suit the mood, the strapline has been changed to ‘the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate in the universe’.

The work environment setting is in stark contrast to earlier Flake girl executions, which featured stereotypical images of women in cornfields and relaxing in the bath. It represents, according to CTB, an attempt to modernise the brand. Media buying is handled by Carat.


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