TBWAUK restructures as TBWAMedia Arts London

TBWAUK is bringing its six London-based UK brands together under the new collective name TBWAMedia Arts London.

TBWA, TEQUILA, Agency.com, Stream, Staniforth and E-Graphics will continue to operate as separate brands for their existing clients; but will increasingly come together to offer a full suite of marketing services.

TBWAMedia Arts will be based in the London Whitfield Street building and more closely aligns TBWALondon closer with the structure and style of TBWA’s agencies elsewhere in the world, such as Los Angeles, Singapore, Brussels and South Africa.

The management group will include UK group president Tim Lindsay, and the heads of the six brands, including Tim Bonnet of Tequila, Enda McCarthy of Agency.com and Matt Shepherd-Smith of TBWA.

Tim Lindsay said ‘bringing this remarkable array of talent together will allow us to deliver great work and great service to our clients – constructively disrupting convention to create strong growth ideas, working together as 350 artists in the exploitation of media.’

TBWAUK clients include Apple, Nissan, PlayStation, The Army, CarbonTrust, BA, BT, Mars and Canon.


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