TDI rebrands as Viacom Outdoor across Europe

Outdoor advertising company TDI is rebranding in the UK and Europe as Viacom Outdoor.

The move follows last year’s acquisition of TDI’s US parent company, Infinity Broadcasting, by media and entertainment giant Viacom.

TDI, or Transportation Displays Incorporated, is best known in the UK for selling advertising sites on behalf of London Transport. The company has been expanding into Europe, buying up traditional outdoor advertising companies which specialise in selling advertising space on billboards.

The company now has operations in seven European countries, under ten trading identities. All these will now be renamed Viacom Outdoor.

The new-look billboards, trimmed in blue and white, will appear at over 110,000 sites across Europe.

TDI European marketing director Mike Baker says: “The rebranding should have a stock market benefit, as it will make people more conscious of the Viacom name in Europe.”

He adds that although there are no immediate commercial benefits, having the name of the largest seller of advertising would “open more doors” to advertisers and ease the way for cross-border campaigns.

Viacom’s outdoor interests in the US – TDI and Infinity Outdoor – are unlikely to be rebranded as the two brands are in direct competition.


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